Very inspire tweet this morning from Rene Suhardono. I totally agree with him. Noted deh pokoknya….hehehehe. 
Tweet No. 1: Why bother working for someone you don’t respect? There’s always a choice. All izz well, morning people 🙂
Tweet No. 2: Yes, YOU can pick the right boss for you #CareerSnippet
Tweet No. 3: The main problem working with difficult people is the non-learning part. You waste your time for nothing #CareerSnippet
Tweet No. 4: Dealing with your boss take up > 50% of your time & energy. Be sure they are well-spent #CareerSnippetOne of the worst boss is the one who is incapable of listening. This is even worst than a mean boss #CareerSnippet
Tweet No. 5: You’re just a tiny part of a team – awesome results require awesome connection especially with your boss #CareerSnippet
Tweet No. 6: The must-have for a great boss is the one you can trust, respect & connect #CareerSnippet
Tweet No. 7: Never expect your boss to know all the answers. Finding the answers together is the awesome part of the journey #CareerSnippet
Tweet No. 8: Last one: awesome results require everyone from new hire to the big boss to dedicate themselves to the vision #CareerSnippet